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Are German Cockroaches actually Dangerous?

Cockroaches carry diseases, especially gastroenteritis, diseases like dysentery, stomach viruses, diarrhea, and food poisoning. Will they bite? German roaches can bite but rarely do. Do they fly? Adult German cockroaches have highly developed wings but prefer to scuttle along the ground or up a wall. Their feces looks like black pepper stuck to corners and crevices and can cause allergic reactions.

If left untreated, a cockroach population grows exponentially in ideal conditions, and your warm, moist Louisiana home or business is the best place for it, especially in the kitchen or in a food industry location, like a restaurant or food production plant.

Myths exist that roaches only live in a dirty house, which is simply untrue. Roaches thrive anywhere they can eat, and that can be your kitchen, no matter how clean you keep your house. Cockroach control is an issue everywhere throughout the United States, so don’t feel bad if you discover them in your home or business.

German cockroaches prefer warm, moist areas. Your Baton Rouge home or business is the perfect place for them to settle and reproduce in large numbers. German and American cockroaches are species of cockroach found throughout the United States and are very common in the Baton Rouge area. This winter, protect your home from German roaches.

Signs and Facts of a Cockroach Infestation

If you see a cockroach during the day, no matter how large and no matter the location, you know you have a serious infestation. You might see them more commonly at night in the kitchen or bathroom.

Adults live for about 30 weeks and are constantly reproducing. A single female can lay up to 6 egg sacks, or ootheca, in her lifetime, and each ootheca can contain between 30-50 eggs. Eggs will hatch in 14-35 days. A single ootheca ready to hatch in your home or business will lead to a major infestation in no time.

Using a flashlight, look in the cracks and crevices of your home for roach evidence. Look in the gap between the baseboards and the carpet, around the cracks between light fixtures and the wall or ceiling, and under tables or countertops. Because roaches are tiny and flat, they can squeeze easily in places you don’t think to look. Check under, around, and behind kitchen appliances, including toasters, toaster ovens, stove and oven, refrigerator, or freezer. Look under or around the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Armoires, bureaus, desks, and closets are designed with numerous cracks and crevices, so check them all for these signs, especially in the drawers. Trash or recycle cans are a prime attractant for roaches, so be sure to keep them clean and check them often.

Look for these signs to determine if you have a cockroach problem:

  • Fecal Matter

    They look like little balls of black pepper. Vacuum these away as soon as possible. Otherwise, they could be infected by bacteria and produce allergens that cause allergic reactions.

  • Molts

    Cockroaches will shed their exoskeleton (a process called “molting”) 6 times over their lifetime, especially during the nymph stage (early stage) and growing quickly.

  • Ootheca Shells

    Chances are, you won’t see these egg sacks very often, but if you do, they range in color from light brown or tan to reddish-brown and are oblong. German roach oothecae are ⅓ inch long (8 mm). Some say they are shaped like a purse.

Prevent a Cockroach Infestation

Here are some home remedies you can use to prevent a cockroach infestation and to get rid of cockroaches. Use these prevention solutions in your shed and garage as well.

  • Remove Food Sources

    Roaches love starchy, sugary, and greasy foods. They are omnivores, which means they can eat meat, vegetables, or any food. Clean your home of food scraps and crumbs, and never leave dishes in the sink. Be sure to keep all food confined to the kitchen. Otherwise, you could find a roach snacking on a plate left in the living room or bedroom. Seal all dry goods in airtight containers and keep them on shelves high off the ground. Birdseed, dog or cat food, and any other pet food should be kept in sealed containers off the ground also.

  • Seal Home Entry Points

    Using silicone caulking, find and seal cracks and gaps around doors and windows and the cracks around the foundation and sill plates around your Baton Rouge home. Repair or replace window screens and ensure they have no rips or tears. Ensure your home has effective weather stripping and your doors seal well and are in good repair, and use a door sweep on all exterior doors.

  • Roach Killers

    Mix grease-fighting dish soap and water, mix and pour into a spray bottle. This simple solution is effective for a cockroach running across your kitchen floor. Spray a cockroach until it stops struggling, then wipe it up. Other solutions exist as well to kill roaches, such as boric acid, silica aerogel, and diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle these in discreet cracks and crevices listed above, but not heavily. The cockroaches will encounter the dust and be eliminated. Be especially careful that children do not come in contact with an area treated with boric acid.

    Roach kits exist out there as well, with gel baits, bait stations, and other methods to eliminate cockroaches. However, a German cockroach infestation, or any other roach infestation, is very likely to need professional attention.

Professional Pest Control

Roaches are extremely difficult to eradicate. If even one female is left behind to reproduce, an infestation could start all over again. The best long-term solution is to call Fox Pest Control, locally owned. Don’t wait. Call today for an estimate. These methods can help, but the risk of reinfestation is high. If you suspect you have roaches in your Baton Rouge home, and especially if you have seen roaches during the day, call Fox Pest Control. Our friendly, well-trained Pest Professionals will work hard to keep your home safe and restore your peace of mind. Pest control? Think Fox Pest Control.

Posted on December 2, 2019.

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